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Engineering Education:  Imagine if, guided by educators and mentors who understand emerging technologies, every student was prepared and excited to address challenges/problems by applying science and math concepts, using an engineering approach.  What would that look like? 

Including Leadership in Academic Curriculum:  A subgroup of the Engineering Education initiative is focused on increasing the leadership capabilities of engineers by including these skills in the academic curriculum. 

Future of Consulting Engineering:  Imagine that engineering firms are thriving in the future.  What would that look like?  This group will be looking at: increasing the interaction and collaboration with technology companies, engaging clients to further understand their perspective, advocating for procurement process changes, among other topics.

New Model for Engineering Licensure.  If we had to do it all again, what would it look like? 

Mapping Technological Driving Forces Impacting the Engineering Community:   Imagine that engineers lead the embrace and acceptance of integrated technologies to drive business.  What would that look like?  This group will be exploring disruptive technologies that might drive new forms of delivering the engineering community’s work and transform (or diminish) traditional business models and models of practice. Leading edges technologies could range from artificial intelligence and robotics to CRISPR biotechnology and digital social media technologies. 

Engineers and Public Policy:  Imagine if engineers used their knowledge and skills to have a positive impact on society through engagement in public policy…  What would that look like?