Summit 1:  July 31 – August 1, 2017, Omaha, Nebraska.  This first Summit was convened to evaluate whether there was a need for the ECL-USA, and to gauge overall interest in the effort.  The Summit heard from Engineering Change Lab – Canada, conducted scenario planning exercises, discussed other efforts ongoing in the United States, identified several initiatives, and identified next steps. View the Summit 1 Report here.

Summit 2:  February 5 – 6, 2018, Omaha, Nebraska.  The objectives of Summit 2 were to explore the prospect of, and process for, moving the engineering profession toward fulfilling its highest potential in the emerging future; crystallize the intent of the ECL – USA and commit to using a social laboratory approach in taking on this work; recognize and make progress on focused initiatives begun at the first summit; organize ECL – USA, including structure, participation, communication protocols, and plans for future summits. 
View the Summit 2 Report here.

Summit 3: June 12 – 13, 2018, Omaha, Nebraska.  At Summit 3, the attendees explored the Vision Statement’s imperative for the engineering community to serve as stewards of technology, the built and natural environments, and public health, safety and welfare, and worked on a definition of stewardship.   Additionally, time was spent on expanding our understanding of and commitment to the role that the ECL-USA can play, and how we could continue to evolve the ECL–USA as a social change lab. View the Summit 3 Report here.

Summit 4:  October 25 – 26, 2018, Denver, Colorado.  The primary goals of Summit 4 were to hear from provocateurs, to explore key concepts for the lab (Technological Change, Change in the Academy, and the Intersection of Technology and Nature); and to advance the work of the focused initiatives. View the Summit 4 Report here.

Summit 5: March 5 – 6, 2019, Kansas City, Kansas.  This Summit focused on K-12 Education and Engineering, and Engineers and Public Policy.  Thank you Blue Valley CAPS for a great meeting facility and for introducing us to an innovative program.  View the Summit 5 Report.

Summit 6:  July 15 & 16, 2019, Berkeley, California.  This will be a joint Summit between ECL-USA and ECL-Canada, focusing on bio-neuro technology and other high tech topics. 

Summit 7: October 21 & 22, Boston, Massachusetts.  Stay tuned for more information on the focus of this Summit.