The issue of the future of the engineering profession is both deep and wide. For this reason, a small group of US engineers established an ad hoc group (the initial Steering Committee) to further explore the topic. The small group decided to host a summit, and invited many of their contacts to join them in an initial discussion about the future of the engineering profession – how can we develop a new vision and strategies to realize the profession’s full potential as stewards of technology on behalf of society?  (For purposes of our efforts, a broad definition of technology was adopted: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.)

The Steering Committee recognized that there are both problems and opportunities for the United States (US) engineering profession, resulting from accelerating technological progress, rapidly evolving societal needs and current environmental imperatives. They further recognized that it is unclear who is taking a lead in the conversation in the US, which led to that first Summit in July 2017. Since that time, the team of participants has grown, the Engineering Change Lab – USA has formed a relationship with the Engineering Change Lab in Canada, many focused initiatives have been identified and explored, and Summits have continued to happen on a regular basis.  We invite you to join in the conversation!

The Engineering Change Lab – USA is a social change lab that seeks to connect, share information, and collaborate with individuals and stakeholder groups within the engineering community. We are explorers and change leaders from across the engineering community, committed to unlocking the full potential of engineering for the benefit of society.

The ECL-USA convenes two or three times a year to share perspectives, deepen our understanding of engineering’s emerging future, and to launch experiments and focused initiatives designed both to perturb and foster change in the engineering system.

Our charter is to network with established organizations that serve the engineering community without duplicating change efforts that may be already underway within those groups. We also have a close alliance with the Engineering Change Lab – Canada, which led the way with a similar initiative in Canada beginning in 2014.

  • Mike McMeekin, Executive Director
  • Kyle Davy
  • Nancy Pridal
  • Stacy Bartoletti
  • Clint Robinson
  • Dan Linzell
  • Bill Stout
  • Elizabeth Stolfus
  • Edwin Friedrichs
  • Lauren Evans
  • Markus Weidner